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Did you ever buy paperstrips or receive a packet of strips as a present and you just couldn’t figure out what to do with them?

Were you ever a “quillingqueen/king”, but it’s been a while and now you’re somewhat out of practice? I will show you some basic techniques, so you can soon start rolling again.

For every single quilling shape goes: the size of the quillingshape depends on the length of the paperstrip used. The longer the strip, the bigger the shape. I do realize that all over the world different names are being used for basic quilling shapes. I would like to make this list as complete as possible. And I could use your help to accomplish that. So if you know any other names for the shapes mentioned or if you have a better way of describing it, please let us know. Thank you for your help.

Various quilled and shaped coils (open and/or closed) make up your design. Mostly you will need short paperstrips of 10-12 cm or even shorter. Just adjust the length of the paperstrips to achieve the desired size of your design. The length of the paperstrips you buy doesn't really matter. There are so many different brands and they come in various lengths and widths. Just make sure you have enough strips of the colours you want to work with. The various widths of paperstrips available also make it possible to do more than just rolling with them. Other techniques are fringing, folding, winding and plaiting.

openWe start with basic open coils: Basics: loose coils / scrolls

Then we'll continue with basic closed loose coils: Basics: closed coils / scrolls

And finally we'll try: Huskings in Quilling for cards